Australia Post Has Created Packaging With Dedicated Space For First Nations Place Names

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Australia Post Has Created Packaging With Dedicated Space For First Nations Place Names

AusPost has now made it even easier to include traditional place names on mail.

Last year, AusPost’s mail technology began recognising traditional First Nations place names on envelopes, packages and other deliveries as a result of an ongoing campaign by Gomeroi woman Rachel McPhail that began on Instagram.

Having released guidelines of how to include the First Nations place names in addresses back in November, they have now gone one step further and made it even easier for all Australians by releasing new sets of packaging with a dedicated space for the traditional place names of our country.

At the time, McPhail said, ”every area in this country had an original place name, prior to being given its colonial town/city name” and it was her belief that including these place names was an important acknowledgment of Australia’s traditional landowners and a step forward for us all.

It seems that her belief is widely shared as AusPost has been inundated with feedback by customers who wished to recognise traditional Country on their mail. The new packaging, released as part of NAIDOC Week and its theme, “Heal Country!”, reflects AusPost’s ongoing commitment to celebrating our First Nations people.

Australia Post’s National Indigenous Manager and Noongar man Chris Heelan said, ”including the Traditional Place name as part of the mailing address is a simple but meaningful way to promote and celebrate our Indigenous communities, which is something Australia Post has a long and proud history of doing.”

The new packaging will not include all envelopes, satchels and parcels. However, it’s not difficult to include the traditional First Nations place name on ordinary envelopes and parcels.

To do so, all you basically have to do is include the traditional place name after the person’s name and before the street address. This is for both senders and receivers. Check out the example Aus Post shared below.

To find traditional place names, AusPost recommends checking out this map from the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, or ask the relevant local cultural centre.

Australia’s rich history should be important to all of us, and including the First Nations place name is a simple and easy step in acknowledging the world’s oldest civilisation.

For more details on Australia Post’s new Parcel Post and Express Post satchels, see their website.

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