Jarrahdale Equestrian Is More Than Just A Riding School, It’s An Oasis For The Soul

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Jarrahdale Equestrian Is More Than Just A Riding School, It’s An Oasis For The Soul

You will ground your feet and find your inner-strength on horseback.

Horses are majestic creatures. Powerful and strong, they tower over most other animals and us, and yet they are also gentle and caring. They demand respect, give it in equal measure and have much to teach if you are willing to listen. (Featured image: jarrahdale_equestrian_centre)

This is, in part, what Salli Galvin has learnt about horses since she started riding as a little girl.

At Jarrahdale Equestrian, the riding school she founded in 2007, Salli imparts the wisdom and knowledge she has picked up over the years because horses, she believes, have the profound ability to calm our minds, destress our lives and boost our confidence. Science agrees with her.

”Teaching someone to control something as powerful and majestic as a horse is both inspiring and uplifting,” she says. Subsequently, Jarrahdale Equestrian is more than just a riding school.

It is a holistic experience featuring horses where riders not only explore the stunning 150-hectare property on the foothills of Perth’s Darling Ranges, but also come to free their mind and be at one with nature while traversing the landscape on the back of a gentle Australian stock horse.

It is an experience that Salli and her Pink Ladies A-team, all hand-picked by her and given vigorous training and professional development despite their many years riding, afford every guest that visits the tranquil retreat that is Jarrahdale Equestrian—no matter the activity.

There are lessons for children as well as adults at various levels so no matter your ability, there is something new to learn like how to handle a horse in a high-pressure or fast-paced environment. Two things we should all learn for ourselves.

Jarrahdale also offers Adventure Rideouts where individuals or groups can go on one-to-two hour rides through the beautiful hills of Jarrahdale. There you will encounter local wildlife and grazing cattle and sheep as well as reach the summit of Bald Hill, one of the highest points between Perth and Bunbury. From there you will turn back and look out over Perth’s CBD and if there are no clouds in the sky, you will be treated to spectacular views of the ocean and Rottnest Island.

To complete the Adventure Ride, a delicious picnic can be waiting for you upon your return. You’ll enjoy a glass of local wine while reminiscing over what you have just experienced.

Jarrahdale Equestrian also offers polocrosse lessons (Salli has represented Australia on numerous occasions) and unique team bonding experiences as well for corporate clients.

Above all, though, Salli and her team provide a safe and fun environment where anybody and everybody is welcome to ground their feet while on horseback.

For more on Jarrahdale Equestrian, see the website here. 

Jarrahdale Equestrian

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