Travel On A Tequila Train Through The Mexican Countryside

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Travel On A Tequila Train Through The Mexican Countryside

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila and look, we’re in Tequila.

With both Qantas and Jetstar having both announced that they will be resuming international travel from October this year, our wanderlust has kicked into overdrive and got us talking to our friends around the world asking for strange, weird or just downright awesome holidays we can start planning. Or, at least dreaming about.

So, where to go once we can travel again?

One option is Mexico to hop aboard the Jose Cuervo Express and ride from Guadalajara all the way to Tequila, Jalisco passing through the Mexican countryside because tequila, duh.

Image: Facebook/ Jose Cuervo Express

The eleven-hour journey is packed with multiple adventures on the way as passengers will be able to explore agave fields with a “jima” (agave harvesting) demonstration, receive an explanation of the tequila production process, and sip on delicious tequila—obviously!

You can also munch on Mexican snacks on your way to your final destination and have an educational tasting by an ”Expert Taster” as well as a tour of the Centro Cultural Juan Beckmann Gallardo. There will be free time to have lunch and discover the incredible town of Tequila, Jalisco once you arrive as well.

Try their newest experience to date, the Elite Wagon. With large windows perfect for gazing out onto the beautiful landscape of Mexico, you’ll be sipping on an exclusive line of cocktails at their open bar. The wagon features comfortable rooms for up to ten and tables for two to four people. You can even bring the kids along for this experience—tequila excluded of course.

Image: Facebook/ Jose Cuervo Express

Feeling like you want to splurge on your long-awaited trip? Book the Premium Plus or Diamond Experience with luxurious and comfortable couches. You will also be able to visit La Rojeña, the oldest distillery in Latin America, and Tienda de Raya, the largest bar counter in Latin America once they reopen in the near future.

Whichever experience you choose, it’s sure to be a memorable trip.

Image: Facebook/ Jose Cuervo Express

Check out the train schedule here and note that they are operating at a reduced capacity to comply with COVID safety measures.

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