Soak And Float In This Stunning Turquoise Pool Near Wave Rock • Lake Magic

Jordan Clayden-Lewis Jordan Clayden-Lewis

Soak And Float In This Stunning Turquoise Pool Near Wave Rock • Lake Magic

Sure, Western Australia has some of the country’s most delightful beaches. But we’ve also got some beautiful bodies of water that are more off the beaten track. Welcome to Lake Magic, a stunning turquoise salt lake perfect for floating in all summer long. Lake Magic is located in the town of Hyden, which is about a four-hour drive east of Perth. But don’t let the distance deter you, because this one is absolutely worth the road trip.

Lake Magic is pretty much an inland beach with gypsum minerals in it. And due to its high salt content, you can literally float in the water without sinking, which is pretty darn cool. Fun fact: the buoyancy and therapeutic properties of this lake are greater than those of the Dead Sea. The colours of Lake Magic also change throughout the day, which makes its name even more fitting. So grab your swimming gear and umbrella and spend a truly special day at the “beach”. Lake Magic also boasts some epic reflections at sunrise and sunset, so don’t forget your camera.

Be sure to visit the iconic Wave Rock, which is just a kilometre away from the lake. Also nearby is a range of walking trails, wildlife spotting opportunities, and cave climbing. This special spot is perfect for a summer getaway. You can stay at Wave Rock Resort while you’re around—a true escape from the hustle and bustle.


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