Pirate Life Brewery Is Dropping Anchor In Perth And Will Open Doors This Summer

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Pirate Life Brewery Is Dropping Anchor In Perth And Will Open Doors This Summer

Featuring a basement brewery, a ground floor bar, and a rooftop beer garden, Pirate Life Perth is going to be big.


Thanks to Perth hospitality group Sneakers and Jeans—the team that owns The Flour Factory, Varnish on King, Goody Two’s, Hadiqa and Caballitos—and in collaboration with Pirate Life Brewery, the old Sony building on Murray Street is being transformed into a three-level, 1000-person capacity, brewpub.

Andy Freeman, director of Sneakers and Jeans, doesn’t think there’s currently anything else in Perth quite like it. And we reckon he’s right.

The basement-level brewery will feature a taproom with at least a couple of dozen beers on tap as well as masterclasses for those intrigued in the process just as much as they are in the final product. The 12-hectolitre brewing kit will also be visible from the ground floor so those in the lounge bar can get a sweet bird’s eye view of what’s going on down below.

A dining room and retail store (selling Pirate Life Brewery merch) will fill out the rest of the ground floor, but space has been upstairs for a beer garden so the summer months can be enjoyed outside as they should be. If you’ve been counting, that’s three bars in the one building. However, there’ll be plenty of spaces, says Freeman, and not just one cavernous, hollowed-out shell of a building.

As well as brewing their own Perth-only range of beers—it’s been said that each Sneakers and Jeans establishment will get its own signature beer—and a bespoke range for local events, beers will also be brought in from across the Nullarbor from Pirate Life’s principal brewery in Adelaide where past collaboration has seen the likes of an Apple and Guava Sour. and a Kakadu Plum and Lemon Myrtle pale ale come to fruition.

The design of Pirate Life Perth is by Marcos Cain of Stickman Tribe and is slated to open lat this year. How late, well, we’re hoping before 2020 ends.

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(Featured image: Pirate Life Perth, render courtesy of Stickman Tribe)

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