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Tour Republic Of Fremantle To Discover What Makes Their Spirits Uniquely Western Australian

By Marco Ruiz

From the harvest of locally grown grapes to the vodka and gins produced, Republic pays homage to WA.

When it comes to spirits, particularly those of the gin and vodka variety, the team at Republic of Fremantle take matters quite seriously. Crafting their spirits is a true labour of love and valuing master craftsmanship, they believe that in distilling there is no greater challenge than making your own base spirit. (Featured image: Supplied)

In the time they’ve spent perfecting every pour, Republic have never strayed from their philosophy of instilling authenticity, individuality and character into their spirits, which they now want to share with all those who are also proud to call Western Australia home.

Led by Republic’s spirit guides, guests on the Distillery Tour and Tasting are taken through their innovative distilling processes, that are used to create their unique grape-based spirits. Guests will come up close to their one-of-a-kind German-made copper still, whilst learning about the history of craft distilling.

On the tour, guests will also be treated to tastings of Republic’s flagship range—Signature Vodka, Aromatic Gin and Full Bodied Gin—as well as a tasting of the wine used to create their unique spirits, which they’re more than proud to say embodies the qualities and flavours of the locally grown Verdelho grapes. The tour will then finish at the distillery bar with a complimentary drink.

The Distillery Tour and Tastings run at 4pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays and at both 12pm and 4pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The cost is just $25 per person.

Grab your spot for the tasting tour now and discover what makes Republic of Fremantle’s spirits uniquely Western Australian.

Gin/Vodka Distillery Tour & Tasting