What Advice Would You Give Someone Moving To Perth?

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What Advice Would You Give Someone Moving To Perth?

We love Perth.

The world’s most isolated city. It has its perks and after having slotted into second place as Australia’s most liveable city, more and more people are considering a move west.

But just like with any city, there are things you’d want to or like to know before making the move. And the only people capable of knowing what those things are are Pertheans themselves. So, we put it to our readers and asked If you could give someone moving to Perth one piece of advice, what would it be?


Stock up on grog!!! The price here is brutal

Learn to complain about the weather – even though the weather here is better than wherever you came from

Go to the Margaret river wineries one time

Advice and warning

It’s a beautiful place and you will feel lucky to live here but the road signs are beyond awful so use navigation. Actually scratch that, almost all info that is communicated here is done so with the idea that the person receiving the communication has been born and raised in Perth. Find someone to ask questions…a lot of questions.

Think of the Swan River as the The Wall from Game of Thrones….except its blocking the undead and heathens from the south.

Or from the north, depending on which side you’ve found yourself on.

Just advice

Take PT and walk. There’s always something to find and do. It’s beautiful and diverse.

Just a warning

Stay in the left lane! 😂 leave the right hand lane for us who know how to overtaker and don’t do 20 under the speed limit

Perth locals are VERY clicky – don’t take it personally. All my friends here are from interstate or overseas … they’re also in the same boat.


Don’t have covid 19

How To Make Someone From Perth Angry

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