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Follow The City Light Trails To Go On A Christmas Light-Filled Adventure

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Follow The City Light Trails To Go On A Christmas Light-Filled Adventure

Perth’s Christmas Lights Trails are back with 30 incredible stops along the way.

Bigger than ever before, this year’s Christmas Lights Trails will see up to four routes (and one mini route) take holiday-happy snappers on meandering magical walks through Perth. All you need to do is bring the Christmas spirit and make sure there’s enough space on your phone to save all the photos you’ll take along the way.

But with building projections and street decorations also accompanying the twinkling light displays, visitors to this year’s installations will also be able to forge their own path if they so choose. In other words, do you take one of the four paths set out in front of you or do you make up your own?

Image Credit: Visit Perth

If you prefer to follow the road laid out in front of you, you can find your way with this handy map prepared by the City of Perth, which you can find here.


Roving entertainment will also be part of this year’s displays on Friday and Saturday nights as well as daytime shows on the weekends to ensure magic and spectacle abounds in every direction.

You’ll soon start seeing lights, displays and installations going up around town but the actual start date to this year’s festivities is 20 November. The displays will remain bright and colourful between 6pm and 11pm and will continue through till 3 January. And the best part is that it is once again free.

Last year saw three trails go up around town with 27 stops. The first began at Perth Station and ended on Murray Street while the second begun on Hay Street and ended at the Elizabeth Quay Train Station and the third, the Lottery West Trail, started with a giant Christmas tree on Royal Street and ended with a giant bauble.

After the year we’ve all had, this year’s Christmas Lights Trails are going to be that little bit more special.

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(Featured image: @cityofperth)

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