Bobo And Mouse Return To Forrest Chase With A New Christmas Window Adventure

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image of santa and bobo and mouse

Christmas fun in the city is right around the corner with Forrest Chase set to unveil their iconic Christmas-themed window displays this week. Shoppers and visitors alike will get to see new chapters in The Adventures of Bobo and Mouse—the now-iconic teddy bear and mouse duo that made their debut last year.

The adventurous duo will go on a Christmas Cracker Adventure, and will this year travel across Christmas at Home, Winter Wonderland, Candy Land and Nutcracker Land windows, which will once again be brought to life by Perth activations company Mardie + Co. Bobo and Mouse were created by local Scarborough designer, The Teddy Tree.

images of bobo and mouse at forrest chase christmas windows

On their journey from window to the next, Bobo and Mouse will tear open a Christmas cracker, go ice-skating, play the drums and even emerge from a chocolate lake. The four displays will also feature modern interactive elements to further enrich the feelings of excitement, wonder and magic that families and friends experience with the traditional Christmas windows.

Not to miss out on any of the festivities, Myer Forrest Chase will also be revealing their Christmas display this week. Santaland will be back bigger and better than ever with the department store transforming into a winter wonderland. Santa will be in the building with his elves who will have set up a letter-writing station, a Christmas movie zone and a games area.

Also to be revealed this week as part of the City of Perth’s annual Christmas Lights Trail is Monty’s World—a Christmas digital display featuring giant present-shaped lights. It will be located in front of the department store adding to what’s sure going to be a festive atmosphere over the next few weeks.

Forrest Chase Christmas Windows

When: From Friday 19 November

Where: 200 Murray Street, Perth

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