Drop Whatever You Are Doing, The Gossip Girl Reboot Is Here

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Drop Whatever You Are Doing, The Gossip Girl Reboot Is Here

The super-hyped Gossip Girl reboot officially has premiered.

The highly-anticipated reboot of Gossip Girl just dropped on streaming services today. The series follows a new bunch of Upper East siders and promises the same level of glamour, scandal and glitz the original show was so very popular for.

Set eight years since the original series that wrapped up with that big Dan Humphrey’s reveal in 2012, the new cast inhabits the same school and the same glamour of NYC but an entirely fresh crop of actors.

The teen drama’s original cast has since reached icon status both in the world of television and fashion. From Leighton Meester’s fabulous Blair Waldorf to Blake Lively’s uber-popular Serena Van Der Woodsen, the new cast clearly have big shoes to fill.

How to watch Gossip Girl in Australia

The first episode of the Gossip Girl reboot came out on Thursday, July 8 and you can stream it in Australia on Binge.

New episodes will be out every Thursday. There are six episodes in the series with the finale set to air on August 12. But that’s not all, the second half of the season is tentatively set to release later this year and will comprise of four more episodes.

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