Where To See Perth’s Blooming Purple Jacaranda Trees This Spring

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Where To See Perth’s Blooming Purple Jacaranda Trees This Spring

When the weather starts to heat up, a show of purple takes over Perth.

A number of Perth’s suburbs are coloured purple every spring and we couldn’t be more excited about going for a walk at this time of year.

The towering Jacaranda trees, which are in fact native to Brazil and were brought to Australia via England in the 19th century, have flourished in Perth thanks to the subtropical climate and the ability of their seedlings to sprout from falling seeds. Their attractive and long-lasting pale indigo flowers have also helped since who would dare cut down such stunning beauty?

Flowering from mid-October through to the end of November, the swathe of purple throughout the city welcomes the summer months and generally lifts our moods so if you’re also in need of some flowering beauty, then lace up your shoes and head on out to these locations. The Better Homes and Gardens crew, however, reckon the flowers peak in December for our beautiful city and with climate change doing its thing, it’s good to keep this in mind.

1. Hyde Park, Highgate

In the south-east corner and just a couple of kilometres from Perth’s CBD, Hyde Park comes to flowering-purple life with the blossoming of their Jacaranda trees. Visitors can lap the lake a few times before laying out a picnic and enjoying a sunny spring day beneath the marvelous mauve magic of the Jacaranda tree.

2. The Avenues, Inglewood

Not one, not two, not three, not four, (breathe!) but five streets sporting the purple haze of the flowering Jacaranda tree. Snake along from Sixth Avenue through to Tenth Avenue in Inglewood to take in all the beauty you can manage in one afternoon stroll.

3. Leake Street, North Perth

The purple mecca of the north sees Jacaranda trees lined up on either side of the road where, in spring, the branches reach out and the flowers almost touch. Find the right spot and you’ll be able to take a shot of Perth city in the background. After your arduous task, grab a coffee from Prodigal Son Cafe on the corner of Leake and View Street, or from Engine Room Espresso or Satchmo Cafe on Fitzgerald Street.

4. Old Jacaranda Way, Subiaco

As if you’re not going to spot any indigo, purple, mauve or lavender shades along Old Jacaranda Way in Subiaco. But really, it doesn’t matter where in Subiaco you’re walking because the suburb is teeming with Jacarandas and spring is always a beauty in this part of town.

5. Marlborough Street, East Perth

If you’re in the area, then Marlborough Street is the perfect place to get a quick flower fix. Jacaranda trees turn this little street into a purple paradise come spring.

6. Applecross Village, Applecross

South of the river, Applecross is blooming beautiful in spring with streets lined with purple-flowering Jacarandas. So many, in fact, that they’ve actually got their own festival going on. On the fourth Saturday of November, the Rotary Jacaranda Festival will see something like 150 stalls take over a part of Ardross Street and a line-up of entertainers for kids and families. Best of all, the event is free and any monies raised is put back into the community.

7. Swan Valley, Perth

If you’re looking to get out of the city and still see some Jacarandas, then a trip into the Swan Valley and a visit to one of the many wineries will prove quite successful. Houghton Winery as well as Mandoon Estate are just two places where the purple flowers can be appreciated against a backdrop of grapes and vines.

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(Featured image: Ian Sanderson)

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