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Support Local Bands, Bars, Pubs And Venues By Seeing A Live Music This Weekend

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Support Local Bands, Bars, Pubs And Venues By Seeing A Live Music This Weekend

Live music in Perth this weekend.

What’s great about living in WA? Well, for one, there are no longer any capacity restrictions for venues and events. And two, we’ve got some fantastic music and bands that come out of our state. Now is no different except for the fact our creative industries and our artists need as much support as possible. Besides, seeing live music in Perth is a great way to spend a day or night out.

Don’t know what’s on or where to go? All good because Band Aide—the small not-for-profit business that helps local bands with management, consultation, gig posters and merch—put together a weekly gig guide to help everyone out. And we’re helping to spread the word!

Take a look below to find out what’s on at what venue.

Friday 17 September

  • The Aardvark: The Ivory Lies, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Indigo Blaze
  • Amplifier Bar: Curley, Ken Paolo & The Space Cadets, John K Angel & The Shining Stars
  • Badlands Bar: The Critics, Covøids, Desert Dogs, The Wolfbats, Silver Foxes, Chickspit
  • The Bird: Dead Tooth Hottie, Yawn Vibes, Mongrels Shit Outta Luck
  • Clancy’s Fish Pub (Fremantle): Brassika, Ken Craigie Trio, Warm Laundry
  • Convenients: Ragdoll, The Silent Deeds
  • The Duke of George: Old Blood
  • El Grotto: Ruiner, Spici Water, The Deenys
  • Indian Ocean Hotel: Lazer Gator, The Wedges, FiveEightz
  • Jack Rabbit Slims: Danny, Angie Colman, Mitch Santiago
  • Lynott’s Lounge: Motel Marys, Weekenda, Fat Face, Mia June
  • Lynott’s Lounge: Kobashi, Electric State, Blindspot, Fawn
  • Lyric’s Underground: Jessica Carlton, The Love Rats, Jamie Oehlers Quartet
  • Milk Bar (Civic Hotel): Vancool, Palo Alto, The Spring Peaks, Jeeper
  • Ronnie Nights: Talya Valenti Trio
  • The Rosemount Hotel: Con Art, Total Defeat, Nervous, Paranoias

Saturday 18 September

  • The Aardvark: Church Group, Kim Lil, Life Cult, Neapola Xi
  • Amplifier Bar: King Blue, Star Arcana, Spici Water
  • Bar 1 Nightclub: Sky Cave, Sunsick, Reefeater
  • The Bird: Adrian Dzvuke, Tobias, Drea
  • Clancy’s Fish Pub (Fremantle): Daisy Girl, King Brown, Claudie Joy, Ezra Tide
  • Convenients: Dying Degree, As Light Decays, Infinite Exile, Oceans & Omens
  • Jack Rabbit Slims: Moonlighter, Girl From Mars, Plain Glass Windows
  • Lucky Goat Factory: Sealamb, Jeremiah Salt, Beat Club, Black River Ransom, Freddie Mai Delaney
  • Lucy’s Love Shack: Frank, Jeeper, Monkey Emperor, King Crime
  • Lynott’s Lounge: Crosscheck, Closed Off, End It All, Stonehands, Shattered
  • Lyric’s Underground: Sofie Kerr, Ali Bodycoat & Libby Hammer, Perth Cabaret Collective
  • Mojo’s Bar: Joan & The Giants, Green Pools, Lachy John, Kat Wilson

Sunday 19 September

  • Beach St Co: Kirsty Hulka
  • The Bird: Axel Carrington, Maddie Godfrey, Ribs, Metal Beach, Mark McGlue
  • Clancy’s Fish Pub (Fremantle): Trevalene, The Underlyers, Jodie Tes and the Popular Front, Weiser & the Dodgy Shamans, The Dashleys
  • The Duke of George: Michael Vdelli & Gerard Maunick
  • Indian Ocean Hotel: Sam McGovern, Reuben de Melo, David Lazarus, Ella Gilbert
  • Kidogo Arthouse: Gemma Turvey & Yitzhak Yedid
  • Lyric’s Underground: Sean Little, Ricki Malet Trio, Harry Mitchell
  • Mojo’s Bar: The Bundle Trucks, Siobhan Cotchin, Bexx, Shenae, Nika Mo, Heathcote Blue, Angie Colman, Jane Harris
  • Pirate Bar: Chilali & the Chief
  • Rodney’s Bait n Tackle: Zack Linton
  • Ronnie Nights: Slim Cognito
  • The Rosemount Hotel: Increment, Static, Underpass, Indigo State, Peach Pulp
  • Sonar Room (Little Creatures): Le Mezz Club, Sun Trippers, The Dirty Stop Outs

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