Where To Go See And Hear Live Music This Weekend In Perth

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Where To Go See And Hear Live Music This Weekend In Perth

Live music in Perth this weekend.

What’s great about living in WA? Well, for one, there are no longer any capacity restrictions for venues and events. And two, we’ve got some fantastic music and bands that come out of our state. Now is no different except for the fact our creative industries and our artists need as much support as possible. Besides, seeing live music in Perth is a great way to spend a day or night out.

Don’t know what’s on or where to go? All good because Band Aide—the small not-for-profit business that helps local bands with management, consultation, gig posters and merch—put together a weekly gig guide to help everyone out. And we’re helping to spread the word!

Take a look below to find out what’s on at what venue.

Friday 1 October

  • The Aardvark: Datura4, Hot Sand, Redcliffe
  • Amplifier Bar: Sixth Avenue, Year Long Drama, Running Out Of Nuns
  • Badlands Bar: Glimmer, Sofa, Honour Culture, Motel Mary’s, Saint Street, Saieesh, Tino Tenda, Your Band
  • Convenients: Concede, Flesh Prison, Fugue Tomb, Warcycle, Brain Death
  • The Duke of George: Old Blood
  • Four5Nine (Rosemount Hotel): Tash Marie, Hush Puppy, Spici Water, Weekenda
  • Indian Ocean Hotel: Sevier, Woodcut, Blue Honey, No Charisma
  • Livid Skate Café: Dear Sunday, Lazer Gator
  • Lucky Goat Factory: Veruca Moon, The Quixotics, Little Things, Jake Hatch
  • Lucy’s Love Shack: Finders, Rosegold, Nankasi
  • Lynott’s Lounge: Black Stone from the Sun, Frank, Fizz, Worf
  • The Railway Hotel: Georgia McAlpine, Residents’ Club, Lenny & The Bremers, Josh Ellis, Stapleton, Figurehead, Humble Armada
  • Rodney’s Bait n Tackle: Rubaclava
  • Ronnie Nights: Talya Valenti Trio
  • The Rosemount Hotel: Michael Dunstan, James Abberley, Helen Shanahan
  • The Sewing Room: Maurice Flavels Intensive Care
  • YMCA HQ: Kayps, Anesu, Vahsoong, Sunny Flowers, Azza

Saturday 2 October

  • The Beaconsfield Hotel: Snoo, Aidan John, Bughunt, Aurora
  • Badlands Bar: Death by Denim, Dice, King Blue
  • Clancy’s Fish Pub (Fremantle): Bad Weather, Ruiner, Sicilian Civilians, Cleo & Co
  • Convenients: No Brainer, The Others
  • Four5Nine (Rosemount Hotel): Macy Rose Band, Luci, Wybe Band, Anna Schneider
  • Indian Ocean Hotel: Indigo Blaze, Pretty Uglys, Coastal Tang, Ratsalad
  • Lucy’s Love Shack: Street Creatüre, Nankasi, Electric State
  • Lynott’s Lounge: Burning Fiction, Pretty Skints, Whocares, Fatface, Redcliff
  • Lyric’s Underground: Tanaya Harper, Grace Sanders, Julia Wallace
  • Milk Bar (Civic Hotel): Kill Devil Hills, Grace Barbe, Big Orange
  • The Rechabite: Alex & Yell, Leaving, Slow Point, Vetch, TactileAF, Sea Bass, Rushup Edge
  • Scarborough Beach: Supathick, Ursula, Hot Sand, Jewel Owusu
  • The Sewing Room: The Awakenings Ensemble

Sunday 3 October

  • Clancy’s Fish Pub (Fremantle): Crucial Rockers, Chicca
  • The Duke of George: Rose Parker Band, Duncan Saige
  • Fremantle Arts Centre: Justin Walshe Folk Machine
  • Indian Ocean Hotel: Dear Sunday, Ferncroft, Fatface
  • Mojo’s Bar: Last Quokka, The Decline, False Cobra, Dong Fang, Lounge Tourist, Asbestos Fence, No Rego, The Call Girls

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