Nicolas Cage Will Explore The History Of Swear Words In Netflix’s Newest Show

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Nicolas Cage Will Explore The History Of Swear Words In Netflix’s Newest Show

After the year we’ve had, you’d better fucking believe we need to brush up on our swear words…

Christmas is basically here and Netflix is spoiling us rotten accordingly. With Black Mirror special ‘Death to 2020’ due to arrive on December 27, we’re heading into the new year well satiated – but come January 5, there’s a curse-laden treat to see us through the bleakest month of the year.

It’s called History of Swear Words, and for a show which deals with the inexpressible joy and societal taboo of swearing, there can be only one appropriate host: actor, meme inspirer, and inventor of the ‘Nouveau Shamanic’ school of acting, Nicolas Cage. [Featured image: Netflix]

After beginning the trailer in dramatic, blunt fashion, Nic dives into the crux of the matter at hand. “Swear words: they’re the most popular and alluring taboos we have”. He’s right – when there’s a cock-up as monumental as the year 2020, you really do need the right words for the occasion.

Promising a journey through the “history, evolution, and cultural impact” of cursing, History of Swear Words ropes in a parade of comedic talent to help illuminate your favourite swears, with Sarah Silverman, Nick Offerman, London Hughes, Joel Kim Booster, Nikki Glaser, and more on hand to curse like a sailor.

Honestly, this is pretty much everything I need from a show. It’s not all fun and games, though – etymologists and scientists are also involved to trace how the words evolved, and how swearing can actually be good for you (that’ll come in extremely handy at dinner parties).

At the end of a shitty day, it’s exactly the kind of fare we need to kick back, enjoy, and curse until the cows come home. So I’ll leave the last word to our host: “I’m Nicolas Cage. Let’s get fucked.”

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