Face Masks And Other Measures To Remain Compulsory As Part Of The Post-Lockdown Transition

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Face Masks And Other Measures To Remain Compulsory As Part Of The Post-Lockdown Transition

Perth and Peel regions enter the post-lockdown transition phase.

Residents living within the Perth and Peel regions will only be able to leave their areas for work purposes or for other essential travel as part of the post-lockdown transition phase while residents of the South-West region will return to pre-lockdown restrictions. (Featured image:@nathan_hurst)

The post-lockdown transition phase will most likely continue through until 12.01am Sunday 14 February in order to allow for the full fourteen-day incubation period to run its course.

As part of the post-lockdown transition phase, a number of restrictions, such as compulsory use of face masks outdoors and on public transport, will remain in place.

Restrictions and other measures for the Perth and Peel regions, which began at 6pm on Friday 5 February, include:

– Businesses and venues to repoen, except for the casino and nightclubs.

– Restaurants, bars and pubs can reopen but only for seated service.

– Private indoor and outdoor gatherings are capped at 20 people.

– Capacity will be set at 150 people (excluding staff) at hospitality, entertainment and fitness venues, and events including weddings and funerals. Otherwise, the four-square-metre rule will be in place.

– You can only dance at weddings and at dance studios.

– Community sport can resume with up to 150 people taking part including spectators and officials.

– If Perth and Peel residents leave the area, which must only be for essential reasons including work, they must use face masks

– FIFO workers must provide valid documentation and follow strict health protocols if leaving the area

Regarding the week that Perth has had, Premier Mark McGowan said, ”I wish we could just snap back immediately to the life we had last week, but doing so would be too risky. It would be irresponsible.

”I don’t want a situation where we have to endure community transmission and the severe restrictions that brings.”

Once again, these measures as part of the post-lockdown transition phase will only come into effect if no new locally transmitted cases are detected on Friday.

For more information, check the WA Government website.

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