These Grain Silos Are A Must-See If You’re Thinking Of A Road Trip

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

These Grain Silos Are A Must-See If You’re Thinking Of A Road Trip

If you want to see these street art murals, then it’s time to leave the city behind.

Thanks to a number of creative projects and government grants, country towns around Australia are being transformed into sites of world-class street and mural art. Painted on massive grain silos, water tanks and increasingly covering entire towns, they are changing the landscape of the Australian bush—we think, for the better.

The grain silos are particularly incredible. Many of them are close to 100 years old and stand tens of metres tall. For so long they have remained blank and bland, serving no other purpose than the one they were built for. However, in the past few years, they have taken on particular importance.

Not only are these new outdoor art galleries driving up tourist numbers for all but forgotten places and keeping businesses afloat, many also depict and represent the local people, illustrating a real sense of place, and telling the stories of the bush to those who have only come for a visit.

So, the next time you jump in the car for a drive into the country—whether it’s for a cross-country road trip, a one-day adventure or a nighttime city escape to see the stars—check out one or more of these tremendous murals.

With more than 30 grain silos painted, there’s a good chance you might be passing one by. Even if you’re not, a detour ain’t so bad when you’ve got these to look forward to.

Afterward, you could take a break at the bakery in town for a pie and coffee or stop off at the local watering hole to meet the townspeople and hear the stories straight from the horse’s mouth.

Western Australia

*The Western Australia Public Silo Trail begins in Northam and crisscrosses the country until it reaches Albany on the southern coast.

1. Albany

👨‍🎨️ Yok & Sheryo

2. Merredin

👨‍🎨️ Kyle Hughes-Odgers

3. Newdegate

👨‍🎨️ Brenton See

4. Northam

👨‍🎨️ Phlegm and Hense

5. Pingrup

👨‍🎨️ Evoca1

6. Ravensthorpe

👨‍🎨️ Amok Island

South Australia

7. Coonalpyn

 👨‍🎨️ Guido van Helten

8. Cowell

👨‍🎨️ ! N I T S U A

9. Karoonda

👨‍🎨️ Heesco

10. Kimba

👨‍🎨️ Cam Scale

11. Tumby Bay

👨‍🎨️ Martin Ron

12. Waikerie

👨‍🎨️ Jimmy DVate and Garry Duncan

13. Wirrabara

👨‍🎨️ Smug

14. Quorn Light Show

👨‍🎨️ Illuminart


*The Victorian Silo Art Trail from Patchewollock in the state’s north-west to Rupanyup in the south, runs approximately 200 kilometres and connects eight silos in one two-hour road trip.

15. Brim

👨‍🎨️ Guido van Helten

16. Colbinabbin

👨‍🎨️Tim Bowtell

17. Devenish

👨‍🎨️ Cam Scale

18. Goorambat

👨‍🎨️ Jimmy Dvate

19. Lascelles

👨‍🎨️ Rone

20. Nullawil

👨‍🎨️ Smug

21. Patchewollock

👨‍🎨️ Fintan Magee

22. Rochester

👨‍🎨️ Jimmy DVate

23. Rosebery

👨‍🎨️ Kaff-eine

24. Rupanyup

👨‍🎨️ Julia Volchkova

25. St Arnaud

👨‍🎨️ Kyle Torney

26. St James

👨‍🎨️ Tim Bowtell

27. Sea Lake

👨‍🎨️ Joel Fergie & Travis Vinson

28. Sheep Hills

👨‍🎨️ Adnate

29. Tungamah

👨‍🎨️ Sobrane

30. Woomelang

👨‍🎨️ Jimmy Dvate, Kaff-eine, Andrew J Bourke, Mike Makatron, Chuck Mayfield, Bryan Itch

New South Wales

31. Barraba

👨‍🎨️ Fintan Magee

32. Dunedoo

👨‍🎨️ Peter Mortimore

33. Grenfell

👨‍🎨️ Heesco Khosnaran

34. Merriwa

👨‍🎨️ David Lee Pereira

35. Portland

👨‍🎨️ Guido van Helten

36. Weethalle

👨‍🎨️ Heesco


37. Thallon

👨‍🎨️ Joel Fergie and Travis Vinson

38. Yelarbon

👨‍🎨️ Jordache Castillejos, Jordon Bruce, and Steve Falco

39. Three Moon

👨‍🎨️ Joel Fergie and Travis Vinson


Huge credit must go to Annette and Eric Green who continue to document painted silos, water tanks and street art towns on their website Australian Silo Art Trail as part of their road-tripping adventures around the country.

(Featured image: @loveinwildplaces)