Stockholm’s Colourful Metro Stations Are Incredibly Beautiful – And They’d Look Great In Perth

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Stockholm’s Colourful Metro Stations Are Incredibly Beautiful – And They’d Look Great In Perth

Stockholm’s metro stations transform the mundane into something amazing.

Out of the 100 metro stations in Stockholm, 90 are decorated with amazing artwork, carved, sculpted, and painted for the weary eyes of commuters. Nowhere else in the world is there anything quite like the stunning stations in Stockholm’s metro. It’s enough to make city-dwellers everywhere insanely jealous.

1. Stadion Station

Stadion Station is literally built into a cave and a vivid rainbow welcomes visitors. The station is close to Östermalms, where Stockholm’s Pride festival takes place and it’s a lovely nod to the pursuit for equality in Sweden.

2. T-Centralen

T-Centralen was the first station to be decorated. It’s one of the busiest stations in the metro system but the beautiful walls, washed in blue with stalks and leaves, give commuters a reason to pause.

3. Thorildsplan

Thorildsplan is the cutest of all the stations. The artist, Lars Arrhenius, was given the challenge of creating something beautiful from tilework and cleverly created something with a pixelated aesthetic.

4. Kungsträdgården

The iconic Kungsträdgården station lies below an iconic park of the same name. The park was built on the site of Makalös, a mansion built for a French noble family which burnt down in 1825. According to art guide Marie Andersson, ‘the color scheme – red, white and green – is a reference to the old French formal garden and statues around the station are actually replicas of Makalös Palace’s exterior art.’

5. Tensta

Tensta is a largely residential area, with a large immigrant population and these people were the inspiration behind the artwork. There are words in different languages painted with artwork inspired by styles from across the world and designed to make everybody feel welcome.

6. Solna Centrum

More than half of Sweden is forest and this station is designed to represent a sunset over the trees. The station makes a statement about Sweden and how precious Sweden’s forests really are.

7. Hallonbergen

In English, Hallonbergen can be translated as Raspberry Mountains, which is perfect for what is essentially a dive into the mind of a child. Children have very vivid imaginations and the decoration in Hallobergen station is just as vivid.

8. Mörby Centrum

A trip to Mörby Centrum is like stepping inside the mind of Dr. Seuss. The shape of the walls means that the colour of the walls changes, depending on where you’re viewing it from. The candy-floss-like ceiling drips down over pastel-coloured walls but you definitely can’t eat any of it, so don’t even try!

9. Citybanan – Odenplan

Citybanan-Odenplan has been decorated with artwork from many artists but the Life Line lights create an amazing atmosphere. The lights are inspired by the shape a baby’s heartbeat makes on a CTG monitor.

10. Solna Strand

Solna Strand station is incredible. The contrast between the bright blue and white and the darkness of the cave creates a design that we can’t stop staring at. The sky and clouds are cube-shaped and seem to be emerging from the floor while the ceiling is soft, yet grey – it’s a visual inversion of usual textures and colours.