Just Some Of Our Favourite Responses To ”Tell Me You’re From Perth Without…”

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Just Some Of Our Favourite Responses To ”Tell Me You’re From Perth Without…”

There are some things you only know if you’ve lived in Perth for so long.

We wanted to know what makes Perth Perth. So, we put the feeler out on Facebook the other day to get the lowdown from you, our followers and readers, in the form of “Tell Me You’re From Perth Without Telling Me You’re From Perth”.

For those that didn’t see it or actively refrain from reading the comments section on social media, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite responses.

Who hasn’t?

Spent my formative years between Steve’s and the Cott.

Can touch some roo nuts and look at the worlds ugliest bell tower


Nah, yeah, a bit inconvenient for us but I bet this rain is good for the farmers.

Waiting for the Doctor to come in

“It’s a droi heat”

Because of where we are

Drive 3 days, still haven’t left the state

I think we should separate from the rest of the country

I’m going to Bali for the 25th time but I still haven’t seen any other part of my own country

Were from the capital city that supports the rest of Australia with our GST contribution from all our iron ore mined and sent to china

5-25 days for postage

Over East


My life flashes before me every time I have to merge onto the Mitchell Freeway.

What’s an indicator?

There been another crash under the bridge


nor or sor

Some more Perth things

Radio stations play the same songs every day.

Thank goodness, we don’t have daylight saving…so be don’t need to change our clocks time twice a year

Coffee cost almost $6. $7 for a large cup, $8 if I want with almond milk.


Long Mac topped up

Perth Has Got A New Axe-Throwing Venue And It’s Axecellent

Things To Do