WA Is Finally Opening Its Border To NSW And Victorian Residents From Next Week

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WA Is Finally Opening Its Border To NSW And Victorian Residents From Next Week

In time for Christmas, WA’s hard border is easing up for Vic and NSW residents.

Speaking to the media, WA Premier Mark McGowan thanked ”everyone for their patience and understanding, not just in recent weeks but over the course of the pandemic” when announcing that residents from New South Wales, as well as Victoria, would once again be able to enter into Western Australia without the need for quarantine first. (Featured image: @wanderlustralia)

Officially the border will reopen at 12:01am on 8 December. However, residents from both NSW and Victoria arriving at Perth airport will need to have a health screening before being allowed to enter the state. Also, if a health clinician deems it necessary, a Covid test may also be required.

Furthermore, all arrivals must ensure that they have no passed through South Australia as it remains the only jurisdiction not yet classified as ‘very low-risk’. Anyone who goes through SA to reach WA will be treated as if they have stayed in SA. People will also be asked if they have mingled with anyone from South Australia.

In other words, if you have friends or family visiting for Christmas, remind them that they best fly. Otherwise, they’re driving north for hours before cutting across the Top End and driving through the Gibson Desert.

Premier Marc McGowan has long defended the need for the hard border keeping WA at arm’s length from the rest of Australia saying that ”it has worked, WA has gone 233 days without a coronavirus case in the community.”

Western Australia had imposed a 28-day threshold of no community transmissions before considering opening up the border. Victoria reached 28 days last week and New South Wales is expected to hit the target this Friday. Fingers crossed.

Nevertheless, WA ”will not hesitate to reinstate the hard border if there are outbreaks,” Premier McGowan said.

NSW and Victoria are currently being treated as the one jurisdiction due to their shared border.

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