A Getaway To Collie Is Perfect For Lovers Of Hidden Swimming Spots And Wine Tasting

Jordan Clayden-Lewis Jordan Clayden-Lewis

an aerial photo of black diamond lake

In Western Australia, we have a plethora of jaw-dropping destinations right at our fingertips. But this time, it’s not our iconic beaches that we have our eyes set on. A getaway to Collie is just a two hour drive south-east of Perth. And a trip to this outdoor activity oasis all starts with the drive there. You’ll cruise along the top of the Darling Scarp, enjoying stunning views of the rolling hills and farmland.

One thing the Collie area is known for is its crystal-clear blue lakes that you can swim in. Start your day off at Black Diamond Lake or Stockton Lake (or both). Both lakes are abandoned mine sites that get their brilliant blue hue from past mining activity. Before they were transformed into an artificial lake, that is. Swimming is popular at both of these spots. However, it’s recommended that you swim at your own risk due to the mild acidity in the water. Feel free to bring your floaties, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards and float the day away.

Stockton Lake also has a campground that you can pitch a tent in. So why not make a multi-day getaway out of it? Although, if camping isn’t your jam, there’s also plenty of Airbnb options in the region.

Finally, a trip to Collie isn’t complete without a wine, beer, or gin tasting. Harris River Estate is a winery, distillery and brewery all in one. Which means you try all the local drops without hopping from place to place. With a spectacular view at your brow, sip away on the balcony whilst biting down on some delish eats.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, head out to Wellington National Park for some epic views of the Wellington Dam mural and beyond, as well as some awesome trails to explore, swimming, and fishing. Hot tip: this spot becomes particular beautiful during spring, when the wildflowers are all blooming.

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